Eu Vos Liberto

Live dance theatre for TV


Eu vos liberto (I set you free), inspired by Euripides’ ‘Hippolytus’, captured for TV by Maverick Motion Brasil, features an award-winning international cast of dancers and actors.

The full-length performance by Zikzira Physical Theatre examines desire, fear of the female and misogynistic contempt. Seemingly polar opposites, the characters are aspects of the same, linked through flashes of illusory power and fatal hubris. This production examined the play’s archetypical mechanisms and its subtler qualities of forgiveness and transcendence. Here, the characters are discarnate. Dream-like, in state of limbo, they are etheric imprints of their carnal counterparts and bound to their choices.

Cast & Crew
Nurse: Macarena Campbell
Phaedra: Sung hwa Kim
Counter-tenor and composer: Rodrigo Firpi
Hippolytus/ Theseus: Marçal Costa
Original Soundtrack: The Hafler Trio
Lighting design: Guilherme Bonfanti
Set design: Orlando Castaño
Costume design: Adalgisa Duque
Make-up: Luiz Rupf
Production Supervisor and Artistic Consultant: Lígia Lippi
Production Assistants: Washington de Souza,
Gilmar Salutriano de Souza
Text adapted by Lourdes Menegale,
Fernanda Lippi and André Semenza
Choreographed and co-directed by Fernanda Lippi
Directed by André Semenza
Length: 60 minutes
Brazil 2009


CRITICS' CHOICE Folha de São Paulo "Illustrada" BEST PLAY 3 May 2008
"Ravishing imagery in a fusion of dance, theatre"

CRITICS' CHOICE Folha de São Paulo "Illustrada" BEST PLAY 4 May 2008
"Zikzira's reexamination of Eurípides' classic tragedy Hippolytus, through spheres of light and darkness - is quintessentially contemporary."  
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