Dance Film

fliessIn a derelict factory space, characters move to impulses, memory loops, fragments of feeling. Isolated in their own stagnated realities, they communicate imperceptibly with each other in a ritual of anticipation and release, confined by the laws of the ‘steady state’.

Choreography: Fernanda Lippi
Director/Camera: Andre Semenza
Dancers: Tuca Pinheiro, Consuelo Rosa
Production Manager: Ed Andrade
Production Supervisor: Ligia Lippi
Editor: Simon Sykes
10 mins
Brazil/ UK 2002


"Fliessgleichgewicht is radical for a dance film because it is about the space between. The dancers’ movement, when it occurs, appears to come from an inner pressure which, when acted upon, subsides back into stillness.”

Charlotte Shoemaker
'Dance Films as Related to Avant-Garde Films', San Francisco Performers