The Big Frost

Experimental Fiction

Inside cage-like apartment blocks, humans live clandestine, intensified lives. It’s past midnight – the hour of insomniacs.

Reciting fragments from Virginia Woolf’s ‘Orlando’, a woman follows movement patterns that lend her existence a mysterious ritualistic intensity. She has been alive for 350 years.

In an apartment several floors below, a man in stripy pyjamas moves about, singing, apparently heartbroken. He is sleepwalking.

His voice, that of a opera singer, impregnates the estate; his haunting melodies derail the woman’s game, as she is swallowed by the building blocks’ ossified concrete.

This film was shot at IAPI, a landmark council estate in Belo Horizonte built in the 1940’s.

Paula Lay
Rodrigo Firpi
Choreographer: Fernanda Lippi
Director/ Camera: Andre Semenza




The film is in post-production