The Merging of Dance and Cinema: The Process


procesTen years after the release of As Cinzas de Deus, choreographer Fernanda Lippi and filmmaker Andre Semenza reflect on the creative process behind the film, how scenes emerged in rehearsals (through structured improvisation, choreographic stimuli and character research), and how these scenes evolved on location Рa 19th century ghost town. Adverse conditions and long working hours elevated cast and crew into a state of great focus and creative risk-taking. In a process akin to devised theatre, dramatic elements form a jigsaw for a non-linear, intuitive narrative.

Directed by Andre Semenza and Fernanda Lippi
Director of Photography: Marcus Waterloo
Heliosa Domingues
Tuca Pinheiro
Jacqueline Gimenes
Marise Dinis
Ricardo de Paula


50 mins
UK/Brazil 2012


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