We Have Bled

Dance film

bledWe Have Bled takes us deep into private emotional battlegrounds. Three people, caught in the turbulence of relationships: moments of delicate intimacy, riven by impulsive ferocity.

“A compassionate look at the turmoil in our relationships. When we exhaust ourselves and can turn to a place of surrender and acceptance. We cannot be anything else but human, it’s an inevitability of life. To acknowledge we will hurt a little along the way.”

Marcus Waterloo, Director

Director: Marcus Waterloo
Choreographer: Fernanda Lippi
Rosa Antuña, Kirill Burlov, Fernanda Lippi
Producer: Andre Semenza
UK 2016, 12’52

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“The originality of We have bled is in its creation of an intoxicating juxtaposition of choreographic images…the film stands out for pushing beyond ‘dance on film’ and even ‘dance as film’ to a mature creative genre of ‘film as dance’” - Nicholas Minns, writingaboutdance.com .

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